Classics made easy

A concert-accompanying offer for festival guests in training

Strict dress codes, strange rules of conduct and an audience of over-60s – for decades, the classical music world has been nibbling away at a dusty reputation that is more stubborn than white lint on black suit trousers. In truth, however, classical music is nowhere near as dusty as its image. Classical music – like any other music – can touch, inspire and invite people to dance, dream and hum along. We want to show young people that Mozart, Tchaikovsky & Co. also wrote pieces that get under their skin.

What is it about? We offer a free workshop for three events, in which you will learn everything you need to know about your concert visit in a small, relaxed atmosphere. In addition to exciting information about artists, works, composers and much more, there will also be time for interactivity and questions.

Who is the offer for? The one-hour workshops are aimed at festival guests in training, i.e. schoolchildren, trainees, students, volunteers and youth and federal volunteers of all ages. If you do not find yourself in these categories, please contact us anyway.

Where and when is the workshop? The workshop will take place one and a half hours before the event starts at Palais Grävenitz, Marstallstraße 5, 71634 Ludwigsburg. From there we will walk together to the venue. Also bring half an hour after the event for a short farewell round. The workshop ends afterwards at the respective venue.

Do I need to get a ticket for the event beforehand? No, you will receive your ticket at the beginning of the workshop. The ticket price for festival guests in training is 15 €, which you bring to the workshop. If you have already bought a ticket and would still like to participate, no problem! Just contact us at the above mentioned email address.

What do I need to bring? Besides the 15€ for the ticket, no previous experience, jacket or high heels are required; just come as you are.

How can I register? Register at least two days before the event with Magdalena Brandl at the mail address You will receive further information by mail after registration.

Workshops are offered for the following events

Fest Spiel Overture on 11.05.

SWR Vokal Ensemble on 25.5.

Hannigan Strauss Poulenc on 24.6.

Fest Spiel Ouvertüre

© Laura Stevens © ElzaZherebchuk

SWR Vokal Ensemble 

© Klaus Mellenthin 

© Raphael Brand