Workshop registration for »Spoken Moments Poetry«

Poetry in social moments

What concerns you and the people from your city? Where do you experience moments of wakefulness, anger or happiness in public space? Searching for poetic moments in society, the workshop »Spoken Moments Poetry« is pursuing a digital concert experiment for collective success. Interested people from the age of 13 can register now. [This text has been translated electronically.]

Together with the pianist Hanni Liang, the concert poet Timo Brunke and the Ludwigsburg Festival you will create your »Spoken Moments Poetry«; an event that includes Franz Schubert, Sergej Prokofiev and your texts. Whether you contribute technically, in writing, moderating or speaking, it is up to you and according to your strengths and interests. The concert created by you will be shown as a video premiere at the Festival on 13 June. Behind this, however, lies an even greater goal: the happiness of joint success. Sounds appealing? Then you can register now by e-mail and take part in the free online workshop on 22 May in »Spoken Moments Poetry«. All ages 13 and up are welcome! The detailed announcement is available for download.